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Vendor Evaluation / Audit

Outsourcing requirements of materials, components and sub-assemblies in order to be competitive and able to grow, is prevalent today in Industry. These vendors have to have the capability and systems in place to meet the requirements of the market. This calls for a due diligence of the vendors to ensure facilities, infrastructure, processes and procedures are in place. QUEST has the necessary expertise to Evaluate / Audit Vendors to ensure fit-to-use procurement leading to subsequent Self-Certification by Vendors. Inspection costs, prevention of delayed delivery or rejection of parts are some benefits derived by end-users.

Industrial Health Studies

With improvements and up-gradation of technology with possible expansion, there is a growing need for Auditing one’s own facilities and infrastructure to ensure meeting current and future needs. An Industrial Health Study covering Civil & related Works, Structures, Plant & Machinery including Material handling equipment, Safety issues and any other Industry specific identified Work spots / hazards will identify potential areas that need to be modernized or remodelled or refurbished. This measure will enhance Customer acceptability and will obviate any chance of accident that can befall an ageing industry. QUEST can help Industry with these studies by our experienced technocrats.

T4S Audit of City / Natural Gas Distribution (CGD) Network an Petroleum & Petroleum Product Pipelines (PPPL)

Inspections / Audits related to City / Natural Gas Distribution Network (CGD & NGPL) and Petroleum & Petroleum Product Pipelines (PPPL) under relevant PNGRB Regulations.

Structural Health Assessment
Vendor Evaluation